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Live Video Monitoring
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Live Video Monitoring

Video monitoring, until recently, has been a reactive manner to deal with theft. Something is stolen, video footage is reviewed, and the long process of attempting to recover the stolen merchandise begins.

Delta Security Solutions has shifted the focus from reactive to proactive with our live video monitoring services.

Like our competitors, we install video monitoring for at-risk sites.

But unlike other risk mitigation companies, we monitor cameras live with our live video monitoring solutions, immediately alerting the proper authorities if a crime is about to take place or underway.

Your property is important to you. As such, keeping an eye on it at all times is the best way to ensure that everything is safe, sound, and operating the way it’s supposed to. Delta Security Solutions exists to help you do just that, by offering a variety of high-tech solutions to fit all of your surveillance needs.

Delta Security Solutions’ live video monitoring service means that no matter where your property may be located, no matter what hour of the day, you’ll always have the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your site is being watched. And should something unexpected happen, you’ll have the live video monitoring service solutions you’ll need to help set it right.

The live video monitoring service involves the constant monitoring of cameras by professionals who are always ready to respond whenever an intrusion occurs. Therefore, unlike passive monitoring where video recordings are reviewed after a crime has happened, live video monitoring involves watching the videos in real-time. This security approach is very proactive and event-driven, and the monitoring personnel will respond to the intrusion immediately after it occurs.

Our Live Video Monitoring services will monitor your property or business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by highly trained security agents, who are able to instantly see an event as it takes place.

Delta Security Solutions is an established Video Surveillance, CCTV and Security Camera Systems and Security systems Installers and integrators who endeavor to provide our customers with the best services and highest quality security camera systems.

Our mission is to ensure that all our customers receive the best security cameras or video surveillance systems at their homes or businesses. We acknowledge that the world continues to change and it is quite unfortunate that not everyone is changing for the better with everyday news of an increasing crime rate. We thus take it upon ourselves to help secure people by providing them the best security camera systems in the market.

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Live Video Monitoring

Our Mission

To consistently exceed the expectation of our customers by offering the best video surveillance, security systems or automation solutions. Delta Security strives to offer the best products and services to fulfill our customers’ needs through exceptional design, installation, and service.



Delta Security Solutions provides innovative solutions in digital video surveillance security and physical security fields. Empowered by the experience of its multidisciplinary team, Delta Security Solutions has become the top security provider.


Delta Security Solutions is WSIB compliant and carries liability insurance. Our technicians are certified with the Canadian Alarm and Security Association (CANASA) and are certified with most major alarm and security manufacturers.


Delta Security Solutions specializes in design, project management, and the installation of security, automation and communications equipment. We have over 15 years of hands-on experience in physical security and telecommunication fields.


Delta Security Solutions’ relentless commitment to impeccable service resulted in a substantial increase in shares of a highly competitive market.Our customers love us and we have hundreds of reviews to back it up!